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In person & Online Events

The Cybercrime Security Forum

For over ten years the Cybercrime Security Forum has delivered high quality security content to thousands of delegates. worldwide. From Cyprus to Dubai and Iceland to Norway. Every year we endeavour to push the Boundaries to ensure that you are ready to meet whatever security challenges arise.

Strong evidence has shown that Cybercrime has increased noticeably and that the bad guys may be closer than you think! So how can you protect your business from the cyber criminal? Understanding the nature of these attacks is critical. Having had great success throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Speakers cover hard hitting topics such as Securing Smart devices, Social Networking Security, Cloud Computing Security,  identifying and combating against network intrusions and so much more. As well as opening delegate's eyes to current threats, speakers will also provide real answers on how government and business owners can protect themselves against the rising tide of cybercriminal. For more details visit the Cybercrime Security Forum 

Events will resume in 2021

Dive Deeper Technology Events

Don’t just sit home and be bored. Learn something new & exciting. Attend one of my 2-day Deep Dive Masterclass events. Accelerate your IT & Security skills for a great low price. 2 full days of intense learning. Upcoming March / April classes include Microsoft CloudApp Security Deep Dive & Microsoft 365 The 2023 Security Deep Dive. Details & Bookings here

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