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Introducing Dive Deeper Tech Days

Are you ready to learn?

In the past Online training seminars have been dull, uninteresting and let’s face it a bit stuffy. In most cases, the companies now use online events as, well let’s face it. A TV commercial. Well, it’s time to say enough is enough. I want more, no fluff, just educate me. Introducing Dive Deeper Tech Days. Imagine training your staff and ensuring that skills are not only relevant, but up to date.


This is the vision! A new online Tech conference, like no other. Hosted by Microsoft MVP, and popular YouTuber, Andy Malone, who will deliver an entire day of new and engaging tech topics that will not only inform but educate your team and ensure that they are prepared to meet the challenges of ensuring their skills up to date. Topics already planned will include, Microsoft 365, Identity, AI, Cybersecurity, compliance and so much more.


Aside from a full day’s training, consisting of a series of awesome presentations, you’ll see exciting LIVE demos on the very latest tech from Microsoft and beyond. This will be all delivered with education in mind. So that means no marketing BS, no fluff. Just a day of solid learning. So, with places limited, watch out upcoming dates which will be announced shortly.

Dive Deeper Technology Days Coming Soon!

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