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Technical Consulting

Sometimes everyone needs a little help. Quality Training also provide a wide range of bespoke consulting solutions. From network architecture planning and deployment to cloud integration and identity management. Here at Quality we specialise in the deployment and management of Microsoft 365 as well as a selection of on-prem solutions inducing Windows Server 2019, SharePoint 2019 and Microsoft Exchange 2019.

Security Consulting

Do you know if there is a weakness in your IT security and wouldn’t you prefer to find it before someone else does? Let our security experts provide you with a definitive answer to your infrastructure vulnerability. From the organizational perspective this includes knowing how your organization gathers, stores and processes different kinds of information. From the technical perspective, you need to ensure all points of entry– especially those critical systems that process the information– are protected.

Use our penetration testing as a testing method on the regular basics or as a one-time project. Penetration Testing is be a good way verify the current level of security and establish goals for the future. Every penetration test contains recommendations for secure configuration of particular solution.

Please contact us for more details.

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