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Dive Deeper Tech Days

Immerse Yourself for only £99 




In the past online training seminars have been dull, uninteresting and let’s face it a bit fluffy with lots of marketing. Well, it’s time to say enough is enough. I want more. No fluff, just educate me. Introducing Dive Deeper Tech Days. Low cost technology events that will not simply train your people but will invigorate and inspire them.

This is the vision! A new 1 day Tech conference, like no other. Hosted by Microsoft MVP, and popular YouTuber, Andy Malone, who will deliver an entire day of new and engaging bite size tech topics that will not only inform but educate your team and ensure that they are prepared to meet the challenges of ensuring their skills up to date. Topics include, Microsoft 365, Identity, AI, Cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and so much more.

Aside from a full day’s training, consisting of a series of awesome presentations, you’ll see exciting LIVE demos, and engaging discussions on the very latest tech from Microsoft and beyond. This will be all delivered with education in mind. So that means no marketing BS, no fluff. Just a day of solid learning, interactivity, and fun. So, what are you waiting for, book online today for only £99 (Ex VAT) and get ready to learn.

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Tech Days Logo.png

Ready to engage?


Duration:          1 day (9am – 4pm GMT)

Audience:         Dive Deeper Tech Days are Ideal for Decision Makers, Management, IT & Security Professionals who simply don’t have time to attend full courses but want to cut through the fluff and keep knowledge updated in order to make better and more informed decisions.


Dive Deeper Tech Days


09:00am       Welcome & Introductions

9:15am         Session 1

10:30am       Morning break

10:45am       Session 2

12:00pm       Lunch

12:45pm       Session 3

14:00pm       Afternoon Break

14:15pm       Session 4

15:30pm       Live Q&A Session

16:00pm       Close

Next Event


Session 1 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Data: What’s New & Cool in Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance


We live in a word where cyberthreats are constantly evolving. It’s a dangerous time, but also an exciting one for security professionals. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure have evolved some truly awesome powerful security tools. In his latest session, join Microsoft MVP, Andy Malone as he discusses the latest security & compliance features as well as focussing on what they can do for you.


This 60 min session will focus on all the latest developments in both privacy, security & compliance and is guaranteed to bring your knowledge up to date.

Session 2 - Beyond the Thunderdome: Microsoft 365 Guest & External Access Inside & Out!

Guest access and external sharing are such an important collaborative feature in both Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. But, setting incorrect permissions, or selecting the wrong settings can cause access problems or even serious data leakage. In this fascinating deep dive, join award winning international speaker, YouTuber, and Microsoft MVP Andy Malone as he discusses everything you’ll need to know to correctly implement, manage and troubleshoot external access. Also, Andy will bring you up to date with the very latest developments, including both new and incoming features. If you’re looking to learn how to manage guests, then this will be a demo packed session not to miss.


Session 3 - Cybersecurity Top Gun! Bullet proof your Hybrid Cloud.

Living in an increasingly connected world. Many organisations are moving operations to the cloud. However, due to scale and complexity issues, many opt to connect Windows Server active directory to Azure active directory to form a hybrid identity solution.


Although vendors offer good cloud security and compliance solutions, these often come at a premium in terms of cost and are often not always ideal for hybrid scenarios. As hackers refocus their attention to the weaknesses of older technologies, such as Active Directory. It’s imperative to increase security on-premises to keep the bad guys from exploiting potential weaknesses.


Join Microsoft MVP, Andy Malone as we delve into the security risks posed by connecting and integrating on-premises systems into the cloud. We’ll discuss security risks, as well as offer practical advice and solutions that will strengthen your line of defence.


Session 4 - No Country for Old Admins: The Hidden Microsoft 365 Features that you never knew existed!

Think you know Microsoft 365? Well, think again. In this fast-paced fun session, join award winning international speaker, YouTuber, and Microsoft MVP Andy Malone as he takes you deep inside Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure AD to discover features and hidden settings that you never knew existed. From the Admin tools, to SharePoint, Teams, Exchange and so much more, you’ll be amazed at how much you didn’t know. Packed with demos, tips, and tricks this is a session you won’t want to miss.

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